with a view of Babia Góra mountain

PRZYSŁOP is a hamlet on the slopes of Magurka (872 metres above sea level) situated in the Jałowiecki ridge of Beskid Żywiecki. It is placed on three municipalities: Zawoja, Stryszawa and Maków Podhalański - the close neighborhood of the Babia Góra National Park which is a UNESCO International Biosphere reserve.

It offers magnificent views of the Babia Góra mountain, Polica, Jałowiec and Beskid Makowski. In Przysłop, you can still find the old wooden houses, wells, cellars and numerous roadside shrines. There are hiking and cycling routes. There are the Discalced Carmelite monastery and shrines of the Lord Passion, the wind power plant, Environmental Education School on the Amber Route and the local room (in which you can find traditional tools and items from the past), the shop with local handicraft, the world's only manufacturer of chess for three players, solid cordwood houses, Hotel Beskidzki Raj, agrotourism and apartments, sculptorer, popular manufacturers of toys and garden furniture made of wood.

The Association of Equal Development 'Przysłop' works here, which takes actions for local development. This place has got brilliant natural values, landscape and cultural heritage. Przysłop is an attractive place, willingly visited by individual tourists and tour groups from whole Poland as well as from abroad. This is the perfect place to rest, organize green schools, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Primary School No. 4 named by St. Rafał Kalinowski, in Zawoja Przysłop

(Environmental Education School on the Amber Trail)

The school works to the local environment under the slogan "in accordance with decalogue and nature". School activities include environmental and regional education - having the aim of preserving the natural and cultural values of Przysłop.

The school has taken many initiatives for the protection of the environment, including: selective collection of waste, using solar panels and energy-saving lamps, thermo-modernisation and LED light bulbs, Garden biodiversity, waste-water treatment plant, a small solar power station. The students created the school's quest - the explorers' journey through the most interesting natural and cultural places of Przysłop. In the premises of school, was built the local room.

"Shop under the Magurka" was established here as a selling point of regional and local publications. School was awarded with the Local Environmental Activity Center Certificate and was the first school in Poland which received the international acknowledgement of the green flag in the programme of the Eco-Schools.

School activities are also supported by the Association of Equal Development 'Przysłop'. The school also offers: 40 beds with access to kitchen and canteens; regional education classes, workshops, explorers' trails of Przysłop.

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The Explorers' Trail 'The Przysłop's treasures of nature and culture'

This is a tourist route with puzzles, presenting the cultural and natural heritage of Przysłop.

It is an interesting form of exploring and connecting elements of scouts' stalking and field games, which succeeded in finding the treasure. The hiking map can be found on the cover of leaflet.

You can get the information and a description of the Explorers' Trail in Primary School No. 4 in Zawoja Przysłop and on the following website: